Enjoy the silence :)

Constanza, 19 from Chile. I love Depeche Mode & Dave Gahan (Daveslave).

Welcome to my little and rare world; enjoy
Bienvenidos a mi antipecaminosa vida :)
~ My craziness is controlled for the power of the music ~

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Your favourite passionYour favourite gameYour favourite mirrorYour favourite slave I’m hanging on your wordsLiving on your breathFeeling with your skinWill I always be here…


Your favourite passion
Your favourite game
Your favourite mirror
Your favourite slave
I’m hanging on your words
Living on your breath
Feeling with your skin
Will I always be here…

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www.depmode.com ☆ Dave Gahan style dmt 2013-2014☆ #davegahan #depechemode #depmodecom #depe

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Depecheuk -Depecheuk promo cd collection -Barrel of a Gun Sire records 1997 :-)

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Martin Gore
Bologna 1984

1984 ??? with the bandage on his arm, i would say 1987 ?!? he didn’t change that much, so.

You’re right, this is 1987/88 for sure. (Funny that the photographer doesn’t even know when he took his own pics)

Eh, he was probably so coked-up he THOUGHT it was still 1984. Ah, gotta love the ’80s.

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